Patricia Villafañe is a Latinx photographer with an interest in fashion, portrait, and conceptual photography. She operates on intuition and fluid collaboration with her subjects and team. Identifying as a second generation Puerto Rican, she sees herself as multicultural. She makes an effort to prioritize a positive representation of women of color and other marginalized groups. Her work is femme, colorful and reflects her own sense of style. Her art and fashion projects speak to themes such as intersectional feminism, consumerism, and multiculturalism. She works and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to her photographic work she loves singing, making other forms of art, and being in nature.

Patricia received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography at Georgia State University in 2015. She has shown her work in a number of contemporary galleries including Murmur, Eyedrum, Gallery 72, Fay Gold Gallery, and Atlanta Photography Group, and The Atlanta History Center. She was a panelist for the 2017 REAL Conference (Recognizing, Empowering, and Affirming Latinas) at Emory University. She worked under photography book publisher Fall Line Press co-ordinating events and publishing zines. She created her own zine in 2017 entitled ATL LOOKBOOK showcasing the pieces of a few of Atlanta’s homegrown clothing designers.